“Medium and speaker developing spiritual workshops”

Providing uplifting thoughts and quotes to inspire you for the day


Welcome to the homepage for the spiritual workshops and the uplifting thoughts and quotes of the Rev’d Irene Buckingham C.G.W.M.

Workshops for those who wish to understand more of the wonderful world of Spirit.

The friendly interactive workshops are run from Irene’s homes in Woodstock, Oxfordshire and Kingsands, Cornwall in collaboration with her colleague Mrs Karen Lowe BSYA (AD.COL) and visiting teaching mediums.

By encouraging your children they grow up with confidence, if you have tolerance, they learn to become patient.

Think of your spirit as being the real you, the personality that is you with the knowledge and experience you have gathered in the past.

Honour your resistance, because sometimes no action can turn out to be the best action that you could possibly make.